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On Epic's Fortnite Gambit

This morning, Fortnite pushed an in-app update (that did not require updating from the App Store or Google Play) that allowed customers to either pay for v-bucks using in-app purchase or at a discounted rate by paying directly to Epic. This is an explicit violation of both the App Store and Google Play Store rules, and many spent the morning speculating what Apple and Google would do.

Does Apple care about developers?

In the last 24 hours, the EU announced a series of anti-trust investigations into Apple's business practices, with one investigation directly auditing Apple's App Store policies. Their argument, in short, is that Apple is putting many apps and services at a disadvantage by directly competing with them on the App Store, while keeping a 15-30% cut. Apple has long argued that the development tools and platforms they provide are the result of large continued expenses in research and development, and that this fee is appropriate for the advantages the App Store gives to the developer.

What's Coming at WWDC 2020

WWDC is right around the corner. Next Monday (June 22), Apple will hold an event at Apple Park where it will unveil a series of major changes to its platforms and services, alongside major updates to its various operating systems. Here, I've tried to gather a comprehensive list of what you can expect based on various reports, as well as what I've been hearing from some little birdies.